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Yoki release

Percentages of Yoki release

Yōki (妖気, Demon Energy) is the energy of a Yoma. When a Claymore is created, them assimilates the yoki of the particular Yoma used to create them, which is a variable in determining on the level of strength they use. Claymores use certain amounts of yoki to increase their strength, speed, or rate of regeneration, and many use their yoki to be able to create special, unique, and/or advanced moves such as Irene's Flash Sword. However, the drawback to yoki is that its usage places great strain on a Claymore's mind and spirit, eventually overpowering the human will and causing the victim to Awaken.

Release Levels Edit

  • 10% release: Eyes change from silver to gold.
  • 30% release: Facial distortion.
  • 50% release: Whole body distorts.
  • 80% release: Theoretical limit, reversion to human form difficult, if not impossible.
  • 100% release: Full Awakening.

Known Yoki moves Edit

All Claymore possess some level of enhanced strength, speed, resilience, and regenerative powers; however, some can use their powers to create special techniques, techniques from which their epithets are based. Among them:

On a different note, certain techniques do not require Yoki release and are dependent on the user's innate physical abilities, such as:


  • Yoki can be translated from Japanese to English as "Rain" "Happiness" or "Life Energy". The Last part of the word ("Ki") can also be translated as life energy regardless of where or not the "Yo" is included. Yo however can be translated as "world" "Over" "Society" "Generation" "More than" "age" or "Over stuff".


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