Competing species
Humans, Claymores, Yoma, Awakened Beings, Abyssal Ones, Abyss Feeders, Destroyer, Hellcats, Descendents of the Dragon
Competing powers
Organization, Abyssal Ones, Holy City of Lavoy, Dragons' Allies
Reporting to the Organization.

Tree of WarEdit

Six Baselines of power creates three personality Types, which enables five innate abilities.

Each ability results in a learned Technique, which Claymore warriors use to fight Yoma, Awakened Beings—and even each other.

Baseline, Type, Ability, TechniqueEdit

Type, ability and technique derive from six Baselines, rated by The Organization from A to F.

Baselines influence a warrior's personality, innate ability and invention of technique. An especially high rating on one baseline alone can result in a notable technique, despite weaknesses in other areas.

For example, Noel rates A+ for Agile, though only C for Strength. Her combined baselines create an Offensive Type personality. Her innate ability is Agile Speed Attack. Her invented technique is High Fluid Movement.

Noel: Agile A+ (plus other baselines) = Offensive Type = Agile Speed Attack = High Fluid Movement.


Once a technique is established, it can be learned by others using different baselines, personality and ability. Examples are:

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