"Ticheri" from Scene 92, "Soul Seal"

Town in western region of Lautrec. Northeast of Doga. Riful's Second Hideout is a short distance north. "Ticheri" is first mentioned by one of Dae's men[1].


Raki and Priscilla visit Ticheri after leaving Doga[2]. During which the merged Luciela-Rafaela bursts out of Riful's castle and mushrooms into The Destroyer. Ticheri is attacked by Parasitic Rods from The Destroyer[3].

Later in the wreckage of the town, the Organization recovers an injured Raki, who, in a flashback, was abandoned by Priscilla[4].

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "ティチェリ" is transliterated as "Ticheri." Possibly derived from "Thierry" (ティエリ), as in Chateau-Thierry, France, or the fashion designer, Thierry Mugler. Pronounced in Japanese as "tea-ter-ry."


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