Rachel using Audrey's sword as a brace for the "Strong Sword"

Rachel (the Organization's No. 5) is the creator of this technique.

The technique itself has no name. It was Riful who gave the technique a name during her fight with Audrey and Rachel.[1]


The technique involves Rachel assuming an unusual stance. She makes her sword run through the ground, using it as a restraint, so that when she release the blow, the slash attains a speed and power normally not possible. The attack was shown to be strong enough to cut through Riful's strips. The move can also be performed off the ground with the help of another comrade's blade to act as the restraint for Rachel's sword.

With Audrey's help, Rachel managed to cut Riful (The more force that is applied to an object, the object will react with as much as force, in the opposite direction - this force, combined with Rachel's brute strength and Audrey's assistance generated enough force to penetrate Riful). However, as the Abyssal One's body was made of strips in the first place, the attack was rendered ineffective. Riful, then, pointed out the attack's limitations: the obvious stance and the prolonged preparation time.[1]

Newton's 3rd law of classical mechanics is the principle on which this technique hinges on.

In another instance, Rachel tried to use the technique against Miria. However, Miria was far too agile to be hit by the technique.[2]

Behind of the ScenesEdit

Rachel's Strong Sword stance and attack ressembles the first of the simple rules knowed in Prattica do Montante, a book that describles how to use an Montante Sword, a two-haded sword, similiar to the Scottish Claymore.


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