Stora 2

"Stora" from Scene 2, "The Claw from the Sky"

Town in or near Lautrec. Possibly in vicinity of towns of Doga and Egon. "Stora" is first mentioned by Rubel[1]. The VIZ translation spells it "Strah." Also, "Stra", (Spanish).


Where Clare killed four Normal Yoma, and one Flying Yoma on assignment[1]. This scene does not appear in the anime. Soon after this assignment, Clare rescues Raki in the desert[2].

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "ストラ" can be transliterated as "Stra," which is pronounced "sto-ra" in Japanese[1].
  • "Stra" is a town near Venice, Italy. Site of Renaissance palaces. Pronounced "stra" in Italian.


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