Riful's 2rd Hideout

"Riful's Second Hideout" from Scene 91, "Stirrings of Awakening"


Unnamed abandoned castle in Lautrec region, north of the town of Ticheri. Structure typifies Riful's preferred quarters. Resembles the "Witch's Maw" on Mount Zakol[1].


Riful kidnaps Renee outside of Doga and takes her north to this second Witch's Maw.

Riful amputates all Renee's limbs and demands that Renee help awaken the merged Luciela and Rafaela[2]. Both Renee and later Clare enter the mind of the merged entity. When it awakens, it destroys the castle as it becomes The Destroyer.


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  2. Claymore manga chapter 82

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