Raki (Seven Years Later)

  • I... I'm so happy I got to travel with you, Clare. My family got killed. The town shunned me. They even cast me out. Everything I loved, everything I knew, I lost it all at once. That's why I'm happy. I'm happy I got to travel with you. To have someone to be with. You always said you weren't kind. But you were kinder to me than anyone. That's why I don't want anybody else. I just want to be with you. That's why... if you die, I'm going with you.
    • Scene 11: Darkness in Paradise, Part 7
  • Well, you all threw me out of town so it's not like I was expecting a warm welcome. But treating me like a Yoma? Now that's mean. Seven years ago I lost my family to Yoma, but... it seems to me that all of you have lost something deep down too.
    • Scene 81: Genesis of War, Part 4
  • A crude sword like this looks better in the hands of a crude guy like me than in the hands of little girls.
    • Scene 115: A Strong Male Warrior

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