Mount Zakol

"Mount Zakol" from Anime Scene 15, "The Witch's Maw (Part 1)"

Mountain in western region of Lautrec. Headquarters ("Witch's Maw") of Riful of the West.[1]

Also, "Zacor" (Spanish), "Zakor" (Italian).


Near town of Hanel, base of operations of Awakened Being Hunting Party, led by Jean. Hunting party finds their target inside abandoned castle.

After the party is captured by Dauf, consort of Riful, one fatally wounded Claymore, Raquel, escapes. She reaches Hanel, where she begs Clare (who is searching for Raki) to save her comrades. Clare reverts to her Claymore identity and journeys to Mount Zakol.

Galatea, in search of Clare, finds her caught inside Riful's castle.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "ザコル" is transliterated as "Zakoru." Pronounced in Japanese as "za-ku-ru."


  1. Claymore manga chapter 42

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