Keira terrorizzata
Alias: None
Claymore Stats
Gender: Female
Symbol: Unknown
Rank: 31 or 38
Type: Unknown
Technique(s): Unknown
Fate / Status: Alive
Background / Alliance Information
Affiliation: Seven Ghosts
The Organization (Former)


Hometown: Unknown
First Appearances
Manga: Scene 110
Anime: N/A
Other Information
Jap. Voice: N/A
En. Voice: N/A

Keira is a Claymore of unknown rank from Clarice's generation. Her rank number is either 31 or 38.


Keira hair is very short, styled to a bowl cut. Hair color is gold/silver, has silver eyes, and wears the typical claymore uniform.

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Keira appears relatively quiet and shy in nature.


Keira is part of Anastasia's hunting party, along with Nike and Phina. On their way back from the North, the group is suddenly stopped by a man on the verge of becoming an awakened being. After Anastasia kills the first awakened being, several men appear and also begin to transform.[1]

During the ensuing battle, Phina got injured by one of the awakened beings, prompting the rest to come to her aid. As the battle wears on, Nike orders Keira to take Phina and escape while she stays behind to assist Anastasia. As Keira left the battle, she ends up encountering the Seven Ghosts, who promptly head towards Anastasia and Nike's direction to finish off the rest of the awakened beings.[2]


Thus far, the only known relationships Keira has is with the members of Anastasia's hunting party. Anastasia considers all her comrades as friends, and Nike is equally as protective of the group. Keira expressed great concern about Phina's well being when she was injured.


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