Irene Small
  • Seeing the same thing at that time and place, either moving forward or running away... I suppose that's what separates those who are fit for battle from those who are not.
    • Scene 37: Fit for Battle, Part 1
  • Teresa had plenty of chances to kill Priscilla. The reason she didn't was that after being with you, Teresa's heart lost the toughness of a warrior. The Teresa I knew would have dispatched Priscilla without hesitation at their first encounter. After she met you, she was no longer fit for battle. That's why she died. That's the truth. But I think Teresa was happy.
    • Scene 38: Fit for Battle, Part 2
  • Live, Clare! Your staying alive is the only proof that Teresa ever existed.
    • Scene 38: Fit for Battle, Part 2

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