Irene's Hidden Valley

"Irene's Hidden Valley" from Anime Scene 13, "The Endless Gravestones (Part 2)"

Nameless valley in southeast Lautrec[1].


Irene/Ilena brings an unconscious Clare home. Clare wakes up 10 days later, her hand reattached, but her right arm missing.

Irene says she hid here after the disastrous day of Teresa's death and Priscilla's awakening. Irene's house is a rustic cabin, overlooking a mountain pond.

Clare describes the valley: "A valley surrounded by mountains on all sides."

Irene tries to teach Clare the Quicksword, but after realizing Clare will never learn in her condition, cuts off her own arm and gives it to Clare as a parting gift. After Clare's departure, Rafaela appears to execute Irene.


  1. Claymore manga chapter 37

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