Godahl Plateau

"Godahl Plateau" from Extra Scene 1, "A Warrior's Pride"

Plateau or hill in unnamed region[1]. Desolate and uninhabited. Also spelled "Godal." Called "Godar Hill" in VIZ translation.


Setting where Teresa is sent by Orsay to rendezvous with Rosemary and euthanize her, after Teresa receives Rosemary's Black Card.

After Rosemary awakens, a pitched battle occurs between Teresa and the Awakened Rosemary.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "Godahl" may derive from German Expressionist painter, Erich Godal. (1899–1969).
  • "ゴダルの 丘" can be translated as "Godal Hill."


  1. Claymore manga Extra 1

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