• Remember, you have comrades. Us, who will support you with the things you can't do all by yourself. That's what a team is about, Commander Undine.
    • Scene 55: The Battle of the North, Part 6
  • Look at us, Miria. These are the lives you saved. Nobody is cursing you... As long as we understand the feelings of those who died, it will be alright. We were really fortunate to have you as our leader... that is what I believe from the bottom of my heart.
    • Scene 66: The Souls of the Fallen, Part 2
  • We already have three abyssal grade opponents, if you awaken as well, we honestly don't stand a chance. We came all this way just to punch you. At least remain human until we're all done punching you, Miria!
    • Scene 121: Resurrected Corpses
  • I do ask you now, Miria. As the leader of this party, so you still have no use for our strength?
    • Scene 122: Plucked Wings

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