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"Dabi" from Scene 65, "Joined by Souls 1"

Deserted town north of Pieta, in northern region of Alphonse. Also "Dhabi" (Spanish)[1].


Rendezvous point for Dabi Awakened Being Hunting Party (Scene 65). Where Clarice, the current Claymore No. 47, meets a hostile Nina, leader of the party.

Hunting party completely defeated by Awakened Beings, but saved by five of the "Seven Ghosts."

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "Dabi" is the Basque form of "David."
  • "ダビ" transliterated is "Davy." Pronounced in Japanese as "da-bi."
  • Possibly a reference to the second of Michaelangelo's two most famous sculptures, the other being "Pieta."


  1. Claymore manga chapter 65

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