Claymore Manga Chapter 59
Japanese title ピエタ侵攻 Ⅲ
Romanized title Pieta Shinkō III
English title The Assault on Pieta, Part 3
Volume 11
Chapter 59
Release date 2.10.2006
Chapter Chronology
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Short SynopsisEdit

Clare engages Rigardo in battle, boosting her speed by letting her legs awaken. Her sudden gain of speed catches Rigardo off guard, giving her the chance to sever one of his arms. Ridardo quickly adapts to the situation, evading her incredibly fast, however uncontrolled attacks. Rigardo reaches out for his detached arm, yet does not reach it as Helen swiftly seizes it. Clare and Rigardo fight on, Helen interferes once again and Rigardo, at that point highly annoyed, decides to kill Helen first. This instant of distraction gives Clare enough time to gain control of her legs. Realizing that being awakened to this extend would not be enough to kill Rigardo she lets all four of her limbs awaken.

With an incredulous look on his face and the word "magnificent" on his lips rigardo faces death.

Detailed SynopsisEdit

Clare, being conscious of the formidability of her opponent, loosens her control, allowing her legs to awaken. Gaining an incredible amount of speed Clare is able to sever Rigardo's right arm in one blow. Looking at her legs Rigardo notes that he would not have thought tha
Hclaymore v11c059 the assault on pieta iii.claymore v11 066-067
t partial awakening was possible. Ignorig his comment and without hesitation nor a second thought Clare dashes forward for the final blow. Rigardo easily avoids it by jumping in the air. Being an offensive type warrior Rigardo cannot regenerate lost limbs, therefore relies on reattaching bodyparts. Respecting the strength of his foe, he understands that defeating her while being impaired to this extend would surpass his abilities. As Rigardo reaches out for his right arm, Helen extends her own and seizes it. Clare once again charges Rigardo, who again nimbly sidesteps her attack. He is aware of the major drawback Clare's speed goes hand in hand with, namely her loss of control. Not being used to fighting while being partially awakened her movements are much too imprecise and easy to predict. Helen interferes once more, failing to wound him by just a hair. Rigardo now turns his attention to her, intending to kill her first he closes in. In the last moment, Clare manages to force him into a defensive stance. Incredulous he exclaims that she could not possibly have gained control over her unmanageable speed. Rigardo is now on the back foot, yet Clare is still unable to break his defence. In an act of nothing less than insanity, she allows all four of her limbs to awaken, pushing her offensive capabilities to a new level, much like her speed. Helen tries to get through to Clare, telling her to stop. Clare however is already head and shoulders past the point of no return and with one last attack of her quicksword she rips the silver eyed lion king to shreds.

Characters Edit

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