Claymore Manga Chapter 23
C23 cover
Japanese title 死者の烙印 VI
Romanized title Shisha no Rakuin VI
English title Marked for Death, Part 6
Volume 5
Chapter 23
Release date unknown
Chapter Chronology
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The 23rd chapter of Claymore by Norihiro Yagi, first published in the May 2001 issue of Shonen Jump.

Short SynopsisEdit

Irene, Sophia and Noel arrive at the battlefield. Priscilla is at that point where she is so deformed by her Yoki that she is barely recognizable, though she is not yet past her limits. However, Teresa is able to cut her on the shoulders and throw her back with only ten percent of her own Yoki released. She warns Priscilla that, if she keeps releasing this much Yoki, she will Awaken, but Priscilla is too crazed to heed the warning and passes her limit. She cannot repress her energy no matter how hard she tries. Teresa says the only way to stop the Awakening process is to take Priscilla's head. The younger warrior seems to submit to this fate, but then she grabs her sword and slices off Teresa's hands. Just as Teresa and Clare realise this, Priscilla slices off Teresa's head to the astonishment of the four watching. As Teresa's body falls, Priscilla begins to Awaken.

Detailed SynopsisEdit

Introduced CharactersEdit


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