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Claymore Manga Chapter 11
C11 cover
Japanese title まほろばの闇 VII
Romanized title Mahoroba no Yami VII
English title Darkness in Paradise, Part 7
Volume 3
Chapter 11
Release date unknown
Chapter Chronology
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The eleventh chapter of Claymore by Norihiro Yagi, first published in the May 2001 issue of Shonen Jump.

Short SynopsisEdit

The Yoma falls dead, but a terrible price. Clare has crossed her limits of Yoki use and thus has lost control of it. Her body distorts and she tries to slit her own throat, but is unable to do so. Her arm acts on its own and attempts to kill Raki, but she manages to bring it down into the floor. She begs Galk to kill her, but Raki will not leave her side, saying that she is the kindest person he knew and, if she dies, he dies. Her Yoki aura skyrockets and then miraculously stops, with Clare's human side fully intact. The next day, a fully recovered Clare leaves town with Raki, but not before Galk gives Raki a holy sword to help protect his companion.

Detailed SynopsisEdit

Loss of ControlEdit

As Clare stands over the fallen Yoma, and Sid and Raki cheer her, she realizes that she has lost too much blood, and her Yoma power is out of control. She drops to her knees and watches her hands become veined and inhuman. Raising her sword, Clare tells the horrified Raki that she will have to kill herself while she remains human. As Raki goes to stop her, she loses control of her arm and nearly chops him in half, but drives her sword into the floor at the last second. She tells Raki not to come near and asks Galk to help her.


As Galk prepares to execute Clare, she explains to Raki that she is becoming a Yoma and says that she is glad to have traveled with him. Raki covers her body with his, telling her that he lost everything after the Yoma attack; he wants nothing but to die with Clare, because she has been kinder to him then anyone. With an effort of will that shatters the floor, Clare manages to reverse the transformation. Galk slumps down beside Clare and reminds her that Raki has saved her as the boy hugs Clare and sobs.


After some rest, Clare and Raki are seen off by Father Vincent and a guard who is ashamed that their heroics can't be publicly acknowledged, though Clare doesn't mind. Father Vincent mentions that he would be willing to take care of Raki, but Clare simply asks Raki if he will follow her, to which he happily answers yes. Galk and Sid say goodbye, with Sid stealing a kiss from Clare, for which Raki kicks him in the groin. After a small fight, Sid tells Raki to grow strong to help Clare, and he promises to do this as they leave together.

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