Claymore Manga Chapter 103
C103 cover
Japanese title 深淵の追憶
Romanized title Shin'en no Tsuioku
English title Reminiscence of the Abyss
Volume 19
Chapter 103
Release date unknown
Chapter Chronology
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The 103rd chapter of Claymore by Norihiro Yagi, first published in the May 2001 issue of Shonen Jump.

Short synopsisEdit

Chapter 103 in the Claymore series follows the battle between Priscilla and the infected Dauf. In his infected state, Dauf was able to distract Priscilla's attention so that Helen and Deneve could escape holding the now injured Clare. They head towards Luciela/Rafaela knowing that it was possibly the only thing that could stop Priscilla. Unfortunately Priscilla realizes that Helen and Deneve are trying to escape, luckily Dauf doesn't allow Priscilla to give chase. Priscilla quickly destroys Dauf's remaining arm. Infected Dauf regenerates both arms (now with jaws instead of hands) and showers Priscilla with spikes. After a short battle Dauf pins Priscilla down and starts to pummel into her. While this is happening Priscilla starts to regain her memories. She remembers holding a sword and standing over a beheaded body. She doesn't know who it was. Priscilla then remembers and destroys Dauf's arms and then quickly finishes Dauf off. Priscilla then heads off after Clare.

Detailed SynopsisEdit

Introduced CharactersEdit

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