• The impression of the small child I hugged when I first met Miata is long gone. Instead, there is something that can easily rip apart the monsters I am no match for, a presence beyond those monsters... To be honest... Miata scares me the most...
  • I had nothing at all. No home or family or any one I could depend on. It was a life of foraging though trash, Sipping dirty water, and making my bed amongst rubble and wreckage. And above all I din't have the strength to crawl out of those circumstances. Which is why when the town I lived in was destroyed by Awakened beings, I didn't feel any sadness or misery. And when I became a warrior with colored hair that was the first time I felt I had become something special.
    • Scene 142: Magic
  • Galatea Even if she looks like that Miata has been a strong girl all this time. I connect her consciousness. Take care of Miata! ..... Thats no good Miata you can't go walking around naked like that. I told you that befor too. Thank you Miata, Thanks to you. I who had nothing, Who was said to be useless even as a warrior. Thanks to you I was able to become special. Miata you are a strong girl, so I'm sure you'll be fine. You'll make it, Even on your own. Now close your eyes Miata I'll cast a charm on you. A charm so you will become stronger. From now on forever and always. I love you Miata
    • Scene 142: Magic

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