A sentient race also called "Dragon's Kin" or "Descendants of Dragons". In their original form they look like slender but muscular humanoids with dark flesh and an organic armor while their transformed state is that of towering beasts with a human visage but covered in impenetrable scales and armed with sharp claws: it is this primal appearance that earned them the moniker of "Dragon's Kin".


After a battle with Yoma in Rabona, Miria has a meeting with her comrades.

She reveals the existence of "an even greater land outside of this one," where a war rages between two sides: one side which controls the Organization, and the other side, who are related to Dragons.[1]

Little is known about the creatures, other than their "extremely tough skin". Miria refers to the creatures themselves as the "Descendants of Dragons".[2] When confronted by Mira, Rimuto refers to the Dragon's Kin as the Asarakam. In their original form,

The first captured Asarakam, a pre-awakening specimen.

the Asarakam are humanoid hermaphrodites roughly twice the size of normal humans. They have two eyes (plus a third vertical eye in their "pre-awakening" form), two arms, two legs and a lifespans of 200 years, increasing in strength throughout their lives. The Asarakam can "awaken", becoming large monster-like beings with armored scales and destructive powers and, similar to the Claymores, once "awakened", they can never revert back to their original state. Both forms of the Asarakam necrotize rapidly when killed, but by combining slivers of flesh taken from two Asarakam that had been captured and put in suspended animation, the Organization created a parasite capable of turning humans into the carnivorous monsters called Yoma.[3] Since the Yoma have some Asarakam genetic component, it's well possible that the Asarakam themselves have purple blood.

Asarakam risvegliato davanti a Miria cap 126

The second captured specimen, an awakened Asarakam.


  • The VIZ manga translation makes no reference to the "Dragon's Kins," and refers the Draconic Tribe as the "Dragons' Descendents" instead.


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